Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Joy of Leftovers

They make a chain. Last night I served a free dinner to about a dozen college kids. Sponsored by the WASB (which the kids pronounced was-bee), Wisconsin Alumni Student Board, a campus organization that tries to connect current students with UW alums.

They got leftover lentil chili from the 40th b-day, and vegetable beef soup made from the last of the beef stew with lots of vegetables, chicken stock and veggie stock added - it was almost like the vegetable beef my mom always made, using beef stew meat, canned beef broth, tomato juice, chopped carrots and frozen peas & corn - I used frozen corn myself, but it was the last of my frozen cut-off-the-cob corn from last summer. They also had garlic toast on sub buns that originally purchased for the vegans tofu po'boys; I got a backup bag that I didn't need, and tossed it in the freezer.

The cookies were leftovers, too, peanut butter chocolate chip and carrot cake cookies, frozen since the chili feed in March.

And tonight I had leftover lentil chili sloppy joes - aren't they cute?, even though they look a little like the mini breakfast sandwiches Burger King's advertising with the midget farmer - and doesn't anyone but me find that ad offensive? Seems like a number of guys who've been watching NCAA BBall are complaining that it's running a leetle too often (bad pun); I'd have to concurr - I mostly only watch the news & Leno or Letterman, & maybe Fallon on week nights, and I've seen it a fuck of a lot ....

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