Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lunch for the vegans

Today I made a soup & sandwich lunch for vegan group -

  • 2 flavors of hummus, artichoke & regular, with pita, cucumbers, sprouts, onions and tomatoes
  • Spicy BBQ tofu po'boys with oil & vinegar coleslaw
  • Not-chicken soup (vegetable broth, Udon noodles, seitan - it was really good - I will post the recipe Real Soon Now - I made about 8 quarts, so my excuse is I want to cut it down to a smaller quantity)
  • 3 flavors of vegan brownies: double chocolate, my brownie recipe with the egg replaced with vegan mayo; peanut butter swirl, egg replaced with applesauce; and chocolate-cherry adapted from the vegan cupcakes take over the world girls - their recipe is blueberry, but I used cherry
Of course I never photographed the food during the lunch, but I made a sandwich when I got home, and got it to pose. I also made muhammara, a Mid-eastern red pepper dip, and that shows up more in this sandwich than the hummus.

It must be that kind of weekend - I went to the 2nd annual GrillN4Peace yesterday, and while last year was a snowy day, fun on the frozen lake, yesterday it was 40 degrees, so we were standing in 6 inches of frigid water on top of an ice cube - in other words, as my friend Chris said, "insane". Fortunately, the lake we were on was shallow enough that I am positive it was frozen all the way down - no chance of us breaking off on an ice floe and drifting away the guys on Lake Erie, arousing the ire of local rescue services & law enforcement.

And it really must be that kind of weekend - we tried to go see Slum Dog Millionaire, and the power went out at the theater, in fact at the whole mall that the theater is in - we had to accept free passes to come back another time. It's newish addition to the mall; our Sundance Cinema, and we did appreciate the fact that the place was actually designed with sufficient emergency lights so you could still see in all the completely interior spaces - even the bathrooms. But they still didn't have enough juice to show the movie.

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