Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The grinding down part of the winter

So here it is February, really cold today and yesterday & last night, though "warm" last weekend, 35ish, so all the snow is frozen, icey and grey. It's supposed to be warmer still this weekend, and maybe rain - I've heard a lot of people mention how excited they are for the "nice" weather - I think I'd rather have snow and 32 degrees, than rain and 44 ... but that's just my curmudgeonly self. I always feel like that in late winter - when the snow starts to go, I want it back to cover all the ugly stuff up, kind of like wanting to keep on wearing your heavy sweater to cover up your winter flab.

I'm waiting for plumber, because Mark's been unhappy with the water pressure in the upstairs apartment, and has even collected a little baggie of grit to show the plumber, in an attempt to figure out what's up. I had a real breakfast, oatmeal with dates & banana and the luxury of 2 tablespoons of heavy cream, yummm, because I am out of 2% milk. I didn't take pictures, but it looked a lot like this bowl of oatmeal from last February -
Eaten out of the same bowl and everything.

I think I wish I lived in Seattle, where they are debating the ethics of non-paying guerrilla riders - of which my bro is one - crashing a fundraising ride put on by a bicycle lobbying group (or really, my bro's ragtag crowd has their own ride, that they do pay a fee to be in, the same day and place as the bigger one)

... not sure which camp I'd fall into if I did live in Seattle, but sure seems to me like the .83rs have a better sense of humor.

I think, if I was there, I'd probably pay the $30 to the advocacy group for the bib, and not wear it.

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