Monday, February 02, 2009

Tiny Food = Big Win?

I made tiny food for Super Bowl snacks last night - I had a few leftovers from a private party I had done the night before - mostly desserts - and I used what I had to make the snacks.

So rolls became little sammers, with salami and cheese, and Durkee Famous Sauce - a mustardy, mayonaisey blend that my dad was quite fond of, though, as I remember he usually called it "special" rather than famous, so I usually do, too.

I made sausage rolls with breakfast sausage and yeasted pastry from a Deborah Madison recipe - I made a double batch and used half for one of the entrees the night before - a turnover with caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese, planning the extra for the sausage rolls. I ate mine with grainy mustard and cocktail onions, washed down with Rolling Rock - perfect pub food. And I drank the Rolling Rock out of one of my dad's beer mugs, one that had been engraved with both SSH - the hospital that he worked at, and APS - his initials.

We ate a salad with leftover garlic croutons & creamy parmesan dressing - I had lots of lettuce, because moved by the somehow horrifying CostCo abundance, I overbought. I was worried that tiny food might be an oxymoron with the Super Bowl, but probably serving a salad is even more so.

And we had desserts, raspberry tuffle brownies, which were good, made with ordinary chocolate chips, and might be stellar with expensive chocolate; little lime syrup-soaked coconut cakes; and baby pumpkin cheesecakes, from an old recipe, Gourmet, November 1990 - and probably my favorite of the options.

I postulated that maybe tiny food would get inducted into the Shapiro pantheon of Steelers' superstitions, but the game turned out much closer than my brother's predicted 34 - 10, so maybe not ... I did take a tip from him, and left off watching for a bit to pay bills, a.k.a. doing chores to appease the football gods, but the Gold & Black only got a field goal, so mostly I just watched and ate and read.

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