Monday, May 28, 2007

It's not the cooking, it's the clean up

No matter how good I feel about how well any cooking extravaganza has turned out, there is almost always that time when I am tired and sweaty, and there is still a mountain of pots to do.

Yesterday after the graduation party, which was scheduled 5:30 - 8:30, it was 10:45 by the time I was in P.J.s with my 2nd glass of wine (that I couldn't finish anyways, because I fell asleep ... and they were only 4 oz. juice glasses). Today, I happily used up grad party leftovers to make a Memorial Day grilled feast for the kids, and I only just got done with the washing up and it's 9:00 p.m. - and I still need to shower, and I would like to try the rhubarb-strawberry crisp with vanilla ice cream, please.

A couple of recipes and how they turned out:

  • Vegetarian Arrabbiata Sauce, w/slow roasted tomatoes - I had to make a pork-free, no salami or prosciutto pasta, and roasting the tomatoes replaced the depth of flavore the meat would have provided
  • The rice to go with the cacciatore was a little too crunchy but no one said anything - the pasta was perfectly al dente, so I guess that's more important.
  • people loved the chicken cacciatore - I based it in this one from Gourmet, but used boneless chicken, that I pounded, and rather than cooking the chicken in the sauce on the stove, I put the chicken into casserole dishes after sauteeing it, and the poured the sauce over and baked it.
  • And the pesto-sundried tomato torta was good - I replaced some of the cream cheese with goat cheese, and mascarpone - but I forgot to peel off the round of wax paper I had put on the top, until after about 4-5 people had served themselves - nobody said anything, and I did not see the bits of wax paper coming back on plates - so maybe they just ate the paper!
  • Today I grated up a bunch of the leftover veggies: cauliflower, brocoli, radishes, salad turnips, and a green pepper half, in the food processor, and used them for the slaw in the ramen salad.

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