Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pesto from Ohio, and the blue glow of dishsoap

Alane very kindly imported some pesto, made with basil from her garden, direct to us Wisconsin. The kids and I ate it tonight, on fettucini. I also tried to take a picture of the blue glow from the sun coming through the dishsoap, but the real thing looked cooler than the reproduction, isn't that usually the way?


Alane said...

And I forgot to tell you that I hadn't added Parmesan to it because it had been, I hope you added some, or enjoyed it without!

Deb's Lunch said...

I like to mix the pesto with some dairy, like reduced cream (Marcella Hazen says to ;->), so there was a big blop of ricotta mixed in, and we grated Asiago over the top - so plenty cheesey, even for us Wisconsin cheeseheads!

Alane said...

Ricotta....brilliant. I have pesto. I have ricotta (my husband misinterpreted a shopping list and got two large tubs). I have fresh tortellini. Dinner is done!

And thanks for making all that fabulous food. It was yummy! I'd join Deb's Supper Club if I lived near you.