Thursday, May 25, 2006

What, no pictures?

The appetizer buffet was a lot of fun, depsite the massive rainstorm in the middle - since we lucked out, and it wasn't raining while we were carrying the food in, we were quite content to sip our drinks and watch while it poured down outside. The aspargus quiche tasted better than the spinach, I think - I used green garlic that I got in my CSA box in lieu of the leeks the recipe called for, and the combination of fresh asparagus, cream, and the mild garlic was delicious.

It was a pretty good day all around, actually - the food was good, the meeting it followed featured interesting and relevant speakers, and good questions, and it even seems like my art-school-student older son got a job for the summer, working for a small t-shirt printing business.

Now if I had just remembered to take a few pictures ....

The trout started off looking pretty much like this, but I peeled back the skin, and boned them, so you could see the pretty pink flesh, but I left the heads on, to scare the fish haters among us.

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