Friday, March 03, 2006

Sometimes -

- it's a time of not cooking, and sometimes it's a time of not writing. This week has been the latter - I wonder how it compares to the old R. Crumb's furry freak bros. adage about how "dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get through times of no dope". It's sorta interesting 'cuz you gotta eat, and even though true writers always say they gotta write, not writing won't really kill you like not eating will ...

Anyways, party prep started last night for the drinks party I mentioned about a week ago I did decide to go with the 2 things, different flavors idea, but not entirely consistently - there will be both chicken liver and vegetarian pates, but there won't be both vegetarian and meat quichettes.

And I did make a really good pasta last night, again stolen from the restaurant down the street - pasta with sausage, greens & cream.

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