Monday, March 06, 2006

Party menu

Today I am not sure if it's perimenopause or if I'm just miserable because I feel so fat - went to the doc for my yearly checkup, and weighed 132 on their scale, although I have been weighing 128 on my own scale (a.k.a. only one pound over the 127 top limit for "normal" for me that I was given a few years back, when they said I was only 22% body fat, a.k.a. really good for a woman over 40 - "normal" for me is 117 - 127, all familiar numbers, over 130 only happened once when I was 22 and taking the Pill)

But anyways - the party menu - recipes to be filled in later:

  • filo shrimp sticks
  • filo chicken sticks - these were also from Gourmet, but Epicurious filed them as being from Bon Appétit, so I couldn't find the recipe for a bit - it even says, right after it lists Bon Appétit as the source, that it is a Gourmet Entertains recipe - from the December holiday party spread they always do.
  • spanakopita
  • Ruth Reichl dates - these are way easy - get nice big dates, like medjool, and stuff them with pieces of parmesan cheese about the size of the pit, then wrap 1/3 of a slice of bacon around, and secure with a wooden toothpick. Bake at 400 until the bacon is crisp, drain on paper towels, and eat.
  • hot salami from an Italian deli in Phildelphia
  • Cheeses & crackers - a piece of Morbier, one of Stilton, one of Aged Gouda, plus I bought some pre-caramelized cheese that is a lot like the grilled Haloumi that Nigella is always on about
  • Butternut squash quiche - based on Gourmet, but I changed it
  • Red pepper stacks - I did not do these quite so fussily, just spread the Boursin on the little pumpernickel rounds and topped with roasted red peppers
  • Chicken liver pate with pomegranite gelee - this one's Martha, can't you tell? had it in the freezer; made it for Thanksgiving, so I only had to do the gelee
  • Martha Rose Shulman soya pate
  • Fruit plate, with honeydew & Asian pear & oranges & pineapple & kiwi
  • plate of prosciutto-wrapped honeydew
  • little lime coconut cakes - Regan Daly, astonishingly good
  • little gingerbreads - my standard recipe, baked in tart tins so they're gingerbread sunbursts, they stuck but oh the gingerbread trifle I will make from the bag of crumbs in the freezer...
  • brownies, cut teeney & fancy chocolates
  • Jo brought a big platter of veggies & dip, and everyone brought drinks

I did not take any pictures; here are the ones from Gourmet

Chicken sticks

red pepper stacks

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