Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Always wanted to do that

There are two stairwells in my building, as well as an odd outdoor set of stairs to the third floor balcony. The building, Helen C. White Hall, is an example of 1970s Brutalist Architecture; at dinner on Saturday someone said that the stairs were some remnant of a plan to link it to the administrative buildings on Bascom Hill. I usually use the staircase that only goes to the 4th floor where I work; the entrance is right across from my office door. The other staircase, that's closer to the women's bathroom - which is giant, spanning the whole floor, because this is the library school, a female-dominated profession; the mens' room is much smaller and kind of hidden in a corner - goes all the way up to the 7th floor, but it's knd of steamy and subway station-like, so I avoid it usually. There's this graffito in there that spells "dep", and I always want to add the second "p" for Johnny, but I always forget to bring the marker. Last night I realized I could do it with Photoshop, by taking a picture. In the end I used the iPhone ap, Brushes. It worked, although I found the little screen extremely frustrating. I guess I'll never be any where near as good as the guy who's doing all the New Yorker covers with the program.

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