Monday, November 16, 2009

So, the leftovers

In my Julia Child The Way to Cook, at the end of every section on meats (and probably some of other foods as well) there are a couple paragraphs under the heading Feasting on the remains - "wonderful things can be done with leftover lamb, raw or cooked". You can just hear Julia.

Anyways, here're my plans:

Tonight Mark & I had a reprise of the vegetarian option from Saturday - mushroom pate en croute, roasted broccoli, and mashed potatoes with spoonfuls of the Madeira sauce. The only thing left from all that is about a pint of the sauce which I just stuck in the freezer to go over the vegetarian's mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

The forgotten whipped cream will go into cinnamon-chip cream scones (I'll leave out the cream cheese in this recipe, and just use the cream), also a good thing to have in the house when the family arrives for turkey day. These are pumpkin but you get the idea.

I'm going to make a shallow dish of corn pudding (I had a little bit left unbaked) and leave it in the front of the fridge in the hope that Al eats it with hot sauce way late this Thursday night when he gets in - he's coming home this weekend and Thanksgiving, too.

The Bagna Cauda will go into a pasta puttanesca for Wednesday, served with a wilted salad from the leftover greens and a few slices of bacon.

And that's done it, I think - at some point I have to make a stir fry from some of the vegetable remains, I bought some tofu, oh, and I want to make a roasted-butternut-quash-and-greens-filled lasagna, starting with this idea from Splendid Table, and putting it lasagna, instead of tossing it with bow ties.

Oh, and in an unrelated note - I thought I could make the half a bunch of cilantro & couple of tortillas in the fridge into bahn mi wraps with the tofu, if I don't make it into stir fry, if I buy a cucumber.

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