Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time shifting

I am not at all sure where I am at the moment, chronologically. Last night I went to see Emmylou Harris - she was great - her oeuvre spans from something like 1973 when I was 18, to now. I probably listened to her the most in the mid-seventies, Pieces of the Sky, but really I've always loved her. And to see her still rockin' at 62 was quite encouraging, but made me wish to be tall, so I could wear cowgirl boots and a short skirt and look so good, too.

This evening after work I went to a show of art from the 1970s on Williamson Street here in Madison. I was a member of an artists' collective on Williamson Street, mostly in the 1980s, though - I did not arrive in Madison until 1977.

Anyways, the show was mostly posters, and was set up in a lower hallway of the art center here in Madison. At the same time, there was a disco band playing in the main lobby, VO5. They were utterly amazing. I thought I hated all that stuff - I remember getting to Madison and going to a Saturday Night fever thing at a community center, and wondering what the hell happened - one minute I was listening to EmmyLou and the Dead, and the next thing it was BeeGees everywhere.

So anyways, I went to the art center, went to see the '70s art, and there were a bunch of people I knew through various contexts, Willy St., art, music - I used to do a show on community radio - milling around at the show, and I talked to a few.

And then I went upstairs to listen to the disco - and not only did I know all the songs, I knew a lot of the musicians and a lot of the dancers and fans, too.

Then I came home and made a grilled cheese with cole slaw & dressing made from ketchup & mayo mixed, for dinner, sort of like a vegetarian Primanti Bros. sandwich, without the fries. I have been listening to R.E.M. - recorded in 2007, but always '80s to me.

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