Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween's a Saturday this year

And there were both Badger football and hockey games. I carved my pumpkin on Friday night. Saturday I parked cars. We live about 4 blocks from the stadium. Got 5 cars, at $10 each, and sold 4 or 5 bags of iced gingerbread cookies in Halloween shapes - severed hands, bats, witches and pumpkins - 3 cookies per bag, for 50¢ each.

We went to the hockey game, and there were a lot of students in costume, ready to go over to the big downtown celebration, Freak Fest. It used to be sort of a guerilla holiday, people would simultaneously congregate in costume on State Street in Madison on halloween night, or the closest weekend night. But there were lost of fights ad even worse in the eyes of city government property damage, so the city turned it into a gated and ticketed affair.

Some people say it's ruined Halloween in Madison.

Even scarier, even though Bucky won both football & hockey on Saturday, the Packers lost today, to Bret's new team, the dread Vikings.

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