Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guilty of not raking leaves

So, I guess I'm a bad person - today, approximately the one sunny day we've had in the whole month of October here in Madison, when all my neighbors were diligently raking, I did not. I went for a nice long walk in the morning, and for dinner I made cabbage soup, and in between we moved futons around in the house, and broke a lamp (more on that in a minute) and I even did lots of laundry. But I didn't fold the laundry, and I didn't rake the leaves.

I took pictures of the leaves.

I like the above one, here - nice depth of the leaves.

On Friday when I got home, my whole kitchen was pink.

The lamp we knocked down was one of a pair my mother bought, pole lamps where you tap the stem, and the lights come on. We broke the glass shades. Today I went to a lamp repair place and bought three new shades - they don't quite fit, but they sit in the lamp rather than hanging so they can be less exact, and the bulb kind of holds them in. The 40-watt tube-shaped bulb that was in the lamp was too tall for the new shades, so I tried a blue party bulb that had been in drawer for years. It was so pretty that I went and bought 3 more in assorted colors. The tapping to turn on doesn't work anymore either so I plugged it into a switched power strip. $15 for the shades, $12 for the bulbs (but I have an extra) + $4.79 for the power strip. But it's pretty. This is the blue, blue red arrangement, but I could also do green in there somewhere. Almost looks like it could be in my brother's house.

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