Friday, October 23, 2009

Along College Ave. in Appleton

Yesterday afternoon, after sitting through a last session on the new library cataloging rules (that I actually followed, and probably could have presented - how scarey is that?), instead of going to the Wisconsin Library Association business meeting, I took a walk along College Avenue in Appleton.

I stood under a tree and looked at the river from the Lawrence campus, and went into their library and looked at a little photography show. An assortment of students (some art majors, some not) were given little plastic film cameras, Holgas, and sent out to shoot. Each student had two photos in the show. The results were pretty mixed - there were a few good ones, of vegetables, and one student got kind of high-concept, photographing the same couple, from the back, holding balloons on strings, in two settings.

I tried to take a few arty shots myself.

I ordered a big (16 x 20) print of this one from Kodak - might've been a waste of $20, but it might look good on the wall.

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