Friday, October 23, 2009

Stuff to cook list

When my handheld device of choice was still my trusty little Palm Tungsten e that I operated with a stylus, and kept in a little steel case that looked like the side of an airplane, and my phone and music were separate devices, I had a little notes program, and I used it to keep a list of stuff I wanted to cook.

On the ever-so-much more advanced iPhone, the best note taking thingie I have found so far is the calendar. Since that means my list, that I think of as ongoing, has to be tied to a date, that doesn't work so well. And yes, I know I should be keeping my notes up in the cloud, and just accessing them on my iPhone, but so far the apps I've tried for that I don't like so well.

I've mostly used this blog as the place to report on how well the dishes on my stuff to cook list turned out, after I make 'em, but today, just for safe keeping, here's what I've got:

  • Squash stuffed cannelloni, riffing on a Martha - it's in the newest everyday food, so I'm not finding it online yet - mashed squash and shallots in the filling, no bechamel, ricotta thinned with milk for the sauce, fried sage on top [tho here's someone's who's already tried it and blogged it on MySpace]

  • Cabbage soup

  • something with the gorgeous red Italian frying peppers I got in my last CSA box - roast? Fritatta, for the last brunch of the season?

  • cole slaw? - I have a lot of cabbage

  • Something mac & cheese ish, but with bleu cheese and other fancy cheese left from the 3rd birthday; maybe this baked bow ties

  • Roasted delicata squash & beets salad with yogurt dressing

  • some kind of cake with sour cream, and/or spices - for years, since Al's birthday is close to halloween, I made him either the Marian Morash sweet potato chocolate marble cake (I always used squash instead of potato) from the Victory Garden Cookbook, or Wensley Cake from Laurie Colwin (really Laurie Colwin's modernization of an old English recipe, with cream cheese frosting and a spider web and a plastic spider.
I keep having this feeling that I should make something that John and Al like, because they'll be around ... but neither of them says they're coming to Madison this weekend, not 'til Halloween, and Al's not even sure about then. This must be like when the amputated foot itches.

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