Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last night we went to Koreana for dinner. Since (I guess) I'm a food snob, once I got over the idea of being in a Korean & sushi restaurant in Appleton, Wisconsin, the food was really good. (I kept looking at the two sushi chefs in the open kitchen, and wondering what they thought.)

My plate of food looked pretty much like this.

They cut Korean short ribs the other way, so that you see cross-sections of the rib bones (I was going to say little, but cow ribs just aren't all that little.) The link goes to a good discussion of how to buy and cook short ribs cut Korean style. Nick Kindelsperger (the paupered chef) talks about how they're still pretty fatty, so you should eat them with Kim Chi (Korean hot cabbage pickle) and veggies - which is just what I did.

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