Monday, September 07, 2009

Yellow Jackets in the Compost

Omigod, there's yellow jackets in the compost.

I dumped a regular bucket of watermelon rinds and vegetable parings earlier today, and that didn't make them mad, but then I dumped in the grill ashes and that got them all boiling and swarming. I got stung twice, once on my finger and once on my foot. They're calmed down now because it's dark. I think I'm supposed to go get* a yellow jacket trap, and then wait for them to go in and die.

There's a cabbage leaf and some carrot peels on the grass in the backyard that I am afraid to go pick up. Mark thinks maybe a racoon will eat it up in the night - that'd be nice.

*after more Googling, I think I'm supposed to make the trap!

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