Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where does the time go?

Instead of blogging, a number of other things have been taking up my time this week. And, it was a short week with the labor day holiday and all. If I can remember back to Tuesday, seems like I had two meetings that day.

I started trying to trap the yellow jackets - I made my first trap, and, being new to all this, I hung it right next to the compost bin, that's already infested, not realizing that the point of the trap is to draw the buggering buggers AWAY. They're sleepy in the a.m. when it's cool, but I got stung again trying to take my trap down. I bought a gallon of cheap supermarket milk ($1.78 - is that the dairy farmers' curse or what) and made another trap today. Tomorrow morning I'm going to try again to take down the first one.

Wednesday, I think the day's highlight was shopping at at the west side farmers' market by bike before work; after work, I had an eye doctor's appointment, and got dilated so everything was blurry the rest of the night.

On Thursday, I spent most of the day fighting that demon spawn, power point, trying to record a lecture to put into my course. I'd record a minute and a half of narration for a slide, then power point would decide that slide was only 13 seconds long. Sigh.

On Friday, I made a tapas birthday party. Nuts & cheeses with olives and pears and apples and fresh figs. Tiny empanadas stuffed with caramalized onion, roasted red pepper and goat cheese. Little meatballs. 3 salads: green beans with walnut miso sauce, a surprisingly good one that was mandoline'd string of zucchini, cherry tomatoes and tomatoes and corn, tossed with lemon juice, olive oil, and shredded basil leafs, and pasta pesto with peas and fake crab. Plum tarts and whipped cream.

the whole table

Cheeses, goat cheese in the center, blue chese blurring in the fore

so hard to make meatballs photogenic - but I made the leftovers into a good pasta for four tonight

the zucchini salad was pretty, too

I had cheese on toast and figs for breakfast. Then when I went over to unload the dishwasher and put stuff away, the fall colors dishes looked so nice in the dishwasher, I had to try them as a still life, too.

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