Sunday, March 22, 2009

An unexpectedly empty weekend

I was supposed to make cookies and juice for the vegans as refreshments for a games afternoon today, but we didn't get enough of their members signed up, and they cancelled.

So I've had some extra time on my hands - I've mostly been playing around with the School Woods site, doing the April schedule of events. Of course, I could be doing the kids' taxes, or cleaning, or raking the yard - especially since I actually have two yards to clean up. I recycled a bunch of the stacked up papers from the kitchen counter, and thought about hiring Rachael's ex to clean up the yard at School Woods - he's been my go-to guy for yard work over there. I washed the sheets from my bed, but not the duvet cover yet, because I am assuming I will soon be retiring it for the summer, so why get it all de-cat-haired now, and just have to wash it again to put it away. And my taxes are done, even if the kids' are not. I am hoping that all this counts enough to keep me out of the the slovenly housekeeper category - I was quite encouraged to read a Facebook status update from one of my meticulous librarian friends that she watched Jane Austen movies yesterday instead of either yard work or housework.

I made myself chile poached eggs for breakfast, and got what I thought was a good shot of them, shot RAW per John's advice with the fixed lens:
And I did get out for a bike ride yesterday, and maybe again today. My brother always says the more time spent on two wheels, the better - and he was out testing the route for his birthday Tour de French Fry just about simultaneously.

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