Friday, March 27, 2009

My baby brother's 52

How the fuck did that happen? At least now we are in the part of the year when I am only one year older - which used to irk me to no end when we were younger, and now it is a relief - until August when I will pull ahead and be two years older again.

I went to a party tonight to see some friends' pictures from their recent underground bike trip through Cuba - organized in part by the owners of a brewery here in Madison, and Trek bikes, nearby in Waterloo, Wis. Drank mojitos, looked at the pictures, want to go myself.

The loaf of bread I made today was devoured with a hunk of stinky cheese - it came out NOT at like what I was aiming for - soft, square sandwich bread with powdered and soy milk in it to keep it from drying out in the fridge. Instead this was a crumbly, grainy, sweet loaf; reminded me of the British wheatmeal biscuits that you serve with Stilton, so seemed a natural to go with Hook's Tilston Point - and evidently, everyone agreed.

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