Sunday, March 22, 2009

Extending John's birthday

My older son John's 22nd birthday was Wednesday, March 18th. I was going to go to Milwaukee and take him out for dinner, but in the end it seemed like one too many things crammed into a busy week. He had to come to Madison Friday for an eye doctor's appointment, and I cooked dinner for him then, instead.

I made manicotti from Saveur and garlic toast and salad - I made a balsamic vinaigrette with what I thought was balsamic from one of the little pots of mystery liquids I inherited from KT & TL's move to France - I think it either had some oil already in it, or was a honey balsamic - I had to add extra vinegar to tart it up, as mom would've said.

And speaking of tarts, I also made a salted caramel chocolate tart - it's from Savuer, too. I think the caramel got a little dark, and is a little bitter, but it's good in combination with the sweet crust and chocolate glaze. John said it reminded him of the Riesen chocolate chew candy that Oma used to buy.

The tart wasn't ready to eat until Saturday morning, and we played around with the fixed lens shooting it.

Salted caramel chocolate tart

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