Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sick Day Tea & Toast

or, More Fun With the Fixed Lens

Sick day tea & toast

If I don't go to work, I have time for other stuff. I woke up feeling awful today, sore throat, headache, achey - almost thought I had strep. I made Mark take Kaylah to the bus, and went back to bed with both cats and did not get up until a little after 9:00. I went to the urgent care and it was determined that I have a sinus infection.

I got drugs and went to the library and came back home and made tea - Earl Grey with milk - and toast: my own long-rise no-knead bread, a big slice from last night, cut before the bread was refrigerated, that was too thick for a good sandwich; spread with sesame tahini; this wildly expensive raspberry jam that I mail ordered, that I like despite its seeds - I usually only buy seedless raspberry; and Nancy's whole milk yogurt - a knifeful of the extra thick part clinging to the sides of the carton, pre-strained with no extra work.

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