Monday, March 09, 2009

Frozen yogurt with pears & granola

One of the features I have always liked on my camera is "delete all custom settings" a.k.a. WTF is it doing now, make it stop.

I was having trouble using autofocus with the fixed lens; the lens would go in and out, desparately trying but not focusing, and I couldn' shoot, either. REALLY makes you feel like an idiot when you push down on the shutter and nothing happens ... I put the old lens back on, and damn, it did the same thing, until I deleted whatever funky setting I got in there - I think it was from trying to do something where you get to pick which of the little red dots in the view finder the autofocus focuses ON - which I thought might be helpful with the shallow focus of the fixed lens.

Here's things a lot more back "normal" now - pears roasted with butter & brown sugar, over vanilla frozen yogurt with granola on top - gluten free!

I'll have to put the fixed lens back tonight, and see what happens.

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