Saturday, February 14, 2009

Goddamn Cat

So I foolishly left my camera on the tripod on the counter, near the cat's favorite sleeping spot, on top of the newspapers on their way to recycle but still might be read pile. This afternoon there was lots of junk on the counter - the mail came, and there was a padded envelope with a rebuild kit for my faucet, that the plumber ordered, plus other assorted mail, the aforementioned newspapers, etc., etc., and I was baking with buttery cookies doughs. So the cats were jostling for position on the counter, and knocked down my camera. It landed on the lens, I didn't think much about it, but when I got it out to photograph the whole spread of cookies, it's busted - lens is crooked on it's threads, won't turn won't focus. Shit.

It's either a repair, or a new lens - but maybe it's my opportunity to get a better lens. I'm still pissed at the cat, though.

Hadda use teeny tiny camera for these cookie shots:

These are - right to left Valentine pockets, stuffed with raisons, a Martha that I hardly edited; she wanted you to puree the rasion filling in a food processor, and I did not bother. There are also lengthy instructions for prerolling the dough into sheets, wrapping in plastic, and stacking them on a cookie sheet and chilling - I did not bother with that either. Dried cranberry shortbread - Martha wants you to get out your cookie cutter and cut the square of shortbread into heart shapes, trying to waste as little as possible - I cut them into sticks - even polite Mark said, "oh fuck you, Martha". Valentine linzer cookies - these were good enough - I have had better tasting linzers, though. And the ring around the outside is the gluten-free hearts.

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dashap said...

Sounds to me more like an opportunity to get a better cat.