Saturday, September 06, 2008

WisconsinNative 'Bloggers' Salon

As a profession, librarians have embraced 'blogging. It's actually a good fit - the origin of the term 'blog is Web Log, a list of cool web sites one has found and wants to share with others. Most librarians regard keeping themselves aware of information resources, and matching these resources with information seekers, library users, to be their professional imperative. The Wikipedia definition mentions this origin of blogging, and the Online Dictionary of Library & Information Science does as well.

At the ALA conference, one of our favorite events is the bloggers' salon, started on by a bunch of bloggers who work for a large library consortium, OCLC. Like we don't spend enough time naval gazing and then posting our opinions online, we need a face-to-face event at which to do this, too. Alcoholic beverages (and food too) are served at the Salon, so the popularity if the event is probably related to the strong taboo on drinking alone, even among 'bloggers.

Last night we had a mini-version of the 'bloggers salon, for all the guest 'bloggers on WisconsinNative (of which I am one). I made the food:

  • Veggies & dip
  • layered dip with corn salsa and refried beans and corn chips
  • Brownies & strawberries
  • Our state dish - cheese & sausage tray
And John took the pictures:

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