Saturday, June 28, 2008

Squashed dates

When the Super Shuttle taking us from LAX to our hotel in Anaheim was on the Hwy 5 exit ramp, we looked out the windows and said in awe, "There're sidewalks - people are walking" - pleased that in a Disney resort like this, walkability was an installed amenity.

It's probably a little over 2 miles from the farthest south convention hotel to the farthest north one.

I've been enjoying the walking (although I have a few blisters) and on one of my walks back from the Hyatt, I noticed that the squashed stuff on the sidewalk was dates - under palm trees, duh .... seems kind of a waste, but I suppose no one but birds and squirrels (except I don't think they have squirrels here) would really want to eat dates grown on trees right over a 6 lane arterial road .... I took some pictures of some decrepit buildings too, a little like some of John's photos - a sign with graffiti and a closed Toys R Us.

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