Monday, June 30, 2008

Really going to Disneyland

We went to Disneyland Saturday night. By all estimates it was a fairly successful outing, although we certainly did not seize the chance and throttle it, making sure we truly got our money's worth out of our ticket package, as some of our friends did (like the mom of a 4-year-old who spent 8 hours at the park Friday, or the ones who had dessert reservations at the restaurant with the best view of the Fantasmic show).

We were content to ride Pirates of the Caribbean - 3 [robot] Johnny Depps in there now. I ate a corn dog, we watched as much of the Fantasmic show as we could see, fighting off the herders; they're real heavy on herding you at Disneyland, "don't stand still there mam, that's a walkway"; Mark and Joe saw more than me, because they're taller, and we stood in the middle of main street and watched the fireworks. Then we stopped for ice cream at Coldstone on the way back.

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