Friday, January 25, 2008

Turkey Soup

Rach had a potluck last night, and the theme was healthy foods. I made this turkey soup with watercress, and it was good, but since I used broth from roasted turkey - some made from the Thanksgiving bird's carcass, and frozen, and some made from the bones from the extra half-a-turkey that I bought to provide meat for the soup, after I roasted it - the soup was very dark in color. Not what I was picturing.

A little like what chef Daniel Patterson (Patterson is chef/owner at Coi in San Franciso)was saying in the NYT mag, just today:

What I failed to imagine was the resulting dark, watery and oily cooking liquid, which rather unpleasantly put me in mind of the Exxon Valdez. I’m usually pretty good at predicting what will happen during any given cooking process, but as I stood in our friend’s kitchen eyeing the pot, it was clear that the limpid, viscous sauce that I was going for had not materialized.

Oh, well, the color won't stop us from finishing it off with grilled cheese sandwiches for supper tonight.

I finally went skiing this morning - one of the best things about living in Madison is that there are quite a few places you can go for a pretty nice ski, without even leaving town - bike rides, too for that matter. So I expect to be hungry for dinner.

John just called - he's out driving around taking pictures, and when I mentioned that I was disappointed with my shots of the soup, he suggested I get a little tripod. Still Life With thinks so, too.

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