Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All Wisconsin's in mourning

Yesterday, my way of celebrating the MLK holiday was to drive my younger son back to school at UW-Milwaukee. Everyone ranged from mildly depressed to out and out bereaved over the Packers' loss Sunday. I was surprised at how disappointed I was, myself, as a non-football fan. I think I was kind of counting on everyone coming home for the superbowl, since I thought the Packers were going for sure.

It's probably my fault that they lost, since I added a pack of little weinies to my shopping cart on Sunday, on the chance that I'd be making superbowl snacks ...

Usually there's some ridiculous superbowl snack in the coupons that come in the newspaper - this year, I think this picture from iGourmet is the best I've seen, sausage & cheese and a quilted football, no less:

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