Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guilty pleasures II

Marshmallows & chocolate chips - but they have to be milk chocolate chips. According to the weather channel, we're having a blizzard in Madison tonight. Mark and I walked home from work, watching all the bumper-to-bumper cars, feeling smug, knowing we were almost certainly getting home quicker on foot than we would have by bus.

Naturally, I couldn't continue to feel so perfect for too much of the evening, so I had a "healthy" little pre-dinner snack of chocolate chips and marshmallows - and tried out the tripod, too.

I took some pictures of the grated cheese I intend to add to my salad in just a bit, no doubt a shameless attempt to get that virtuous feeling back again - I will be sure to eat more salad than pasta, after my appetizer of chocolate chips & marshmallows.

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