Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Warrior

Last year I auctioned off a dinner, and for whatever reason I decided to make veal cutlet a la milanese, Italian wiener schnitzel. This means that I had several pounds of cryovac-ed 2 oz. veal-leg slices in the freezer - I ground up some of to make meatballs for school woods birthday, and I ground up the last of it tonight, to make Bolognese - but it's taking forever to boil down, so Mark & I have agreed to have cheese & crackers for supper, and watch TV.

I wanted to have the Bolognese because it's basically anti-Turkey - the other food choice for the holiday week. The smell of the cooking meat is driving my cat insane, and she is trying to do whatever she can to get at it, and I am drinking Makers Mark Manhattans, with a shot of maraschino cherry juice instead of bitters.

I think I got the kids' rooms tidied up enough so that in theory, each kid could sleep in their own bed over Thanksgiving if they wanted to. There's also an extra bed in Al's old room - we brought a futon couch up from the basement. So I guess I have been successful in my weekend endeavors, Mark thought I was cute anyways, getting my house all fixed up for my kids. But probably at least one of them will sleep on the couch in the living room, and I never took pictures while it was still light -

And I busted the washer, doing our collection of blankets and old sleeping bags kept on hand so that visiting kids can crash on the couch.

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