Thursday, June 07, 2007

The last lunch

Since 2001, my kids have been bringing other kids home for lunch - we live about 4 minutes from the high school. Lunch was only 25 minutes when John started but Al got 50 minute lunches for his last 3 years. John used to bring about 7 - 8 guys, and with only 25 minutes, they really couldn't eat all that much - we used to go through a lot of soda, til we all decided it was a bad idea, and switched to bottled water and juice. Al brought twice the kids, and they had twice the time, so the effects on the fridge have been much more noticeable. But I kinda liked them coming here, and I always took advantage of the kids' ability to hoover up leftovers, as long as I made sure they were prominently shelved in the fridge.

Today was the last lunch. Next week is finals, and Al is going to be at training at camp anyways, so no lunchers.

Al said they took a last supper picture, with him as Jesus Christ.

I made my standard beef enchiladas & Spanish rice tonight, and then went off to yoga, getting all nostalgic-like, "oh, who will eat these anymore, they'll all be leftover" - but when I got home, 6 of the 9 enchiladas were eaten, and one had been left too long in the oven, and was all hard and Un-edible. Once I ate mine, there wasn't a leftover problem. Who needs nostalgia?

Courtesy Mark Harden's Artchive

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