Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend cooking

In addition to disasters, I did cook a few things this weekend. On Friday, Rachael had a party, and I took peanut and dill dip and veggies & crackers, and foucaccia with the leftover pesto-sundried tomato-cheese torta spread on it, and topped with roasted peppers. And I made little gingerbreads, too.

On Saturday, I made provolone cheese and salami pannini. I have a ridged grill pan, and I spray it with olive oil, put in the sandwiches, and then smash them with another cast iron frying pan - it is satisfying.

And on Sunday, I made Asian meatballs, which involved grinding up some of the veal I had bought for the auctioned dinner in April - this was really exciting, with veal juice spraying out all over the place, but I think I have enough for another batch of meatballs in the freezer now, and only had to clean up once.

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