Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Normal Food"

This weekend, I was supposed to be cooking for two events: yoga & lunch on Sunday, and a farmers' market dinner on Saturday. But not enough people signed up, so I cooked "normal" food instead, like granola-banana muffins on Sunday morning. Extra good because they have slices of banana inside, as well as mashed in, and homemade granola.

I still have not read the Sunday paper (as usual for Sunday at 10 p.m.; I usually finish the NYT on Monday or Tuesday or even later in the week) but I did go for two longish bike rides (for me, not my brother, about 9 miles, each) and listened to live music outside, at the Marquette Waterfront Fest.

I also thought I might post an essay I wrote in February "How I learned to cook" that I submitted to a writing contest put on by Waitrose Food Illustrated, a British magazine - one of the judges is Nigel Slater - because I thought they were going to tell us in June who won, but I just reread the rules, and winners will not be notified until June 30 - so I guess I'll wait and make sure I lost before I put it on the 'blog <grin>.

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