Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Battening down the leftovers

It's not that I haven't been cooking, I just haven't been writing about it. The graduation dinner last Friday (the one with the cookies) was an ode to get the best ingredients and do as little as possible to them - they had wild caught salmon fillets, and organic boneless chicken breasts; the salmon just had butter (good European-style, unsalted) poured on and cooked in a hot oven, and and chicken was pounded, browned in butter, and finished in that hot oven. Little new potatoes, boiled, and tossed with more of that good butter, and chopped dill & parsley and salt & pepper. And sugar snap peas & broccoli flowerets, blanched and then tossed together and heated in sesame & vegetable oils.

On Saturday I grilled the leftover big fillet of salmon, and made a Patricia Wells potato salad from her new book Vegetable Harvest, with olive oil, lemon, capers and mint, served room temperature.

Right now I am fretting because we are going to Washington DC for the ALA conference, for forever, because we are both on the board of our division, LITA, so extra meetings, and Mark has family we will see in the area, and he is also getting inaugurated as our prez, so an inagural ball to go to -

But I am worrying about who will take care of the the house, and the cats, and eat the food in the house - last night I made ramen salad again to use up veggies, and made mac & cheese for the kids to eat while we're gone, and thought about making croutons to use up old bread, but didn't do it, and thought about making some herb oils, again from Patricia, to use up the dill, mint, and parsley in the fridge, but didn't do it. Maybe tonight.

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