Monday, April 09, 2007


Today I am subsisting in clear liquids, because tomorrow I have to go for my first virtual colonoscopy - another of the joys of aging - but I guess the clear liquids is not as bad as the stuff I have to start drinking when I go home; laxatives and weird dyes. And that means I have to stay close to a bathroom, so I have already begged off a meeting, and not bought tickets for a show I wish I could go to (Neko Case).

But I guess, if I was Anthony Bourdain, or a chef from Britan, like Fergus Henderson, who has St John, I'd be talking about eating intestines, rather than having them scanned. And I also guess, to be really truthful, what I am the most worried about is finding the right place to go for the procedure at the massive, confusing, University Hospital, at 6:45 tomorrow morning.

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