Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm never doing that again -

If my Dr. suggests I need another colonoscopy, I am going to say "Hmm, no colon cancer in my family, No thanks". Today I feel wiped from the stress and fasting, and also my gut is in a complete uproar from the laxatives, and getting pumped full of air - rather than feeling cleansed from my fast I feel scoured out and rumbly and achey.

It was funny yesterday, not eating - I started the morning thinking that it would probably be good for me to fast 1 day a month, and it really wasn't so much the ordinary eating that I missed, but I had made a loaf of bread Sunday, and got a little too much flour in it, and I really wanted taste just to see how it was after cooling over night - Julia has a phrase in her recipes, something like "taste critically" to see if your dish needs more salt, or whatever, and that's what I wanted to do.

Tonight I did a bunch of cooking to make up - sweet potato quesadillas with hot pepper cheese and parsley-pumpkin seed pesto (based on Cafe Flora's). And I made a wilted greens salad, to practice for the April dinner - I'm trying to figure out which greens wilt the best; IMHO, spinach is too soft, last night indicates kale is too tough; beet greens work well, though. I had tried dandelion greens, like this Gourmet recipe, and they worked pretty perfectly, but I want more variety - and I really don't like chard. I also wanted to make this cake from Gourmet, yellow cake with sour cream in the batter, and a sour cream chocolate frosting (not the one given in the recipe, which is like a ganache with sour cream instead of cream, but another one) because I thought I had almost two cartons of sour cream in the fridge, you know, I thought we needed it, but when I brought the new carton home I found an older one in the fridge, which was particularly annoying, because when I compared the dates, the older carton had an expiry date of April 10, and the newer one was April 9 - regardless, the older carton was all curdled when I fished it out of the back of the fridge. The cake looks great though - so I just have to figure out something else to frost it with.

But right now,I'm taking a bubble bath.

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