Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just found a cool 'blog

Eat: Listen to your mother. It's written by a mom and her son - she's doing pretty much the same thing as I am: trying out recipes, taking pictures of the food, throwing parties, and writing about how it all came out. Mom lives in Pittsburgh; the son lives in NYC, so he writes about trying out recipes, too, but also food adventures in the big city, like visiting Danny Meyer's Shake Shack (burger kiosk started by famed NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer), and going to a new Whole Foods. It's a nice way for the two of them to do something together; maybe one of my kids & I will manage to do something like this, sometime.

Eat also has a recipe index that I covet - they have more control over their blog than I do (theirs is on the son's boyfriend's server) but maybe sometime, on that, too.

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