Monday, April 09, 2007

Friday afternoon fiddling, PS

And just after musing about the irony of libraries always saying "no" to users, I checked my email and found UW-Madison campus librarians passing around this video, about how hard it is to find Time magazine at Penn State University Library, if you do not enter the search exactly the way the system wants it -

Losing Time at Penn State

"This video documents a search for Time Magazine via the Penn State Libraries web site.
It was created by Ellysa Stern Cahoy for the 2007 CIC Libraries conference, as part of the presentation 'Interface = Instruction'.
If you have questions or comments regarding the video, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Thanks for viewing!--Ellysa Cahoy"

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Beth said...

Isn't that just appalling?? I've finally found enough support here to start a usability testing program, and I think we may need to show this to everyone in the building as a "here's why we're doing this!" moment.