Friday, April 06, 2007

F-ing off

I am supposed to be reading abstracts written by my library students for my organization of information class, but somehow I just can't get down to it. So naturally I've been fiddling around on the web, read by brother's post about a minor bike accident Thursday - while we were in Seattle, Mark's son Ethan remarked that he did not hear many sirens there, but we all agreed there were a lot of fender-bender accidents, and I thought that was because there are a lot of intersections in Seattle where two lanes are both turning and squeeze each other - what happend to the bro, although his was the case of an oblivious driver not seeing the bike (with a trailer) on their right - and bought a compost bin for my yard; I've been trying to find one for a week or two. I already dumped out the first batch of kitchen scraps I intended to compost to save the disposal; I found an indoor compost container quicker than its outdoor counterpart.

Dane County where I live usually has a yearly compost bin sale, but all I could find out from their web site is that the one last year was in May. The county Web site had paid links to purchase composters, though. I was all set to buy a $100 bin from a garden supply place, but followed another link to a $69 version from Target, and got that instead. And here's where the library part comes in - Target asked me to sign in with my account, so I did, and presto here's all my regular Amazon ship-to addresses I coulda sent the composter to John & Al's grandma in FLA if I wanted - and it's all nicely visually re-branded to look like Target, and I was able to purchase the thing without even getting my credit card out of my wallet. Why can't libraries be that easy?? It's just too ironic for me that this profession that I am in, that so many people enter because they want to help people, has so many structures in place designed to tell people "no" - "no you can't use this without a library card / being one of our students / outside of the library"; "no you can't have that for more than 3 weeks"; "no you can't do that on these computers"; "no we don't have that magazine".

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