Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A using up leftovers pasta

2 8-oz. packages of squash or sweet potato filled tortellini or -loni
1/2 cup chicken or turkey or vegetable broth
about 1/3 cup Cafe Flora parsley pesto - made with parsley, olive oil, and toasted pumpkin seeds in the same proportions as the basil, olive oil & pine nuts in basil pesto, pesto Genovese
grated Parmesan, Reggiano if possible

Cook the tortllini/loni in salted boiling water, and drain. Pour the broth into a pan (can be the one you cooked the pasta in) and boil it until it's reduced a bit (meat broths will have more body than veg here because of more protein). Put the pasta back in, and add the pesto. Toss well, and serve with the parmesan.

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