Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good news, bad news

All day on Monday, my work computer (one of the new Intel MacBooks) was making this high-pitched ringing, whining noise - like hard drive death, or maybe fan death. On Tuesday it was intermittent, and then yesterday it only happened as I was closing the lid, and it was going to sleep. So I brought it with me last night, actually took it to my class, and used it to give my talk, and then this morning I took it to DoIT, our division of information technology at UW, and incidentally the biggest Mac dealer in the state of WI. Anyways, they wanted to keep it to fix it, so I got to work at home - no computer in office, computer at home, so here I am. (I'm kinda hoping I get to do this Monday, too)

I wasn't as productive as I often am on a work at home day; it's cold and grey and rainy here, and I actually took a little nap - 45 mins, with two cats, but of course the phone rang 20 mins into it ...

The other good news is that we are leaving for Chicago this evening, and potentially, since I am home all day, we can dispense with our usual routine - my sweetheart being irritated with me 'cuz I'm being too poky with my packing & puttering - better go start on that NOW.

Preserved lemon experiments:

John (my art-student-majoring-in-photography son) said I should try shooting raw, but my photoshop won't open the images - they come out of the camera as CR2s, whatever that is - the only thing on my computer that will open them is Preview, the free program that you get on the Mac that can open just about any image, including .pdfs - then I saved them as TIFF or psd. Our local camera store is doing a $30 "get to know your Canon EOS" workshop on a Tuesday night next month - I think I should go, despite the fact that I am still somewhat chagrined that after my years of wanting the EOS, and finally getting it, it is fast becoming the best camera for amateur idiots ...

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