Monday, April 23, 2007

My new study

The other thing I did this weekend was to move my computer desk into the sunroom - there's space where there was a Murphy bed (before we lived here - it's leaning against the basement wall now), that we used to have a TV in, that now has my computer desk. I had a bookcase full of cooking mags in that space, and I swapped those out to the dining room, where my computer desk was - so now almost all my cookbooks and cooking mags are in the dining room.

Of course, this doesn't make up for the fact that my house is still stuffed with junk - in the garage, there's an old bookcase that we all have been driving into for 3 years, it is all awry, shoulda dragged it to the curb in the first place, instead of sticking it in the garage. And that's not to mention all the old toys, and the kids' abandoned rooms - Al moved to the basement, so he has an abandoned room, and John's moved to Milwaukee, so he has one too.

I have spring cleaning guilt.

Although, as I promised John when he started college, I wouldn't move anything, or throw anything away, but what would happen is that he would start taking all the stuff he cared about to his new place, and eventually there wouldn't be anything he liked here anymore (stuff-wise that is; I'll still be here). So maybe this gives me my excuse - it's still premature to spring clean - better to wait till fall, when Al will be moving out, too.

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