Friday, April 27, 2007

Breakfast in Chicago

Bitten bagel
As usual I thought I could get a lot more accomplished than I could - I intended to go to Artopolis, the new re-incarnation of Art Chicago, including something like 5 art fairs, look at the remodeled galleries at the Chicago History Museum (where I worked when it was the Chicago Historical Society), and do a bunch of work on my $9.95 Internet connection at the hotel.
Ceiling at Corner Bakery

Instead, after we had breakfast at Corner Bakery, and wandered a bit through the Apple and Nike Stores, I went back to the room, and I did do a bunch of work emails & phone calls, and then went up to a costume store on Fullerton, to get some props to make Al look like a devil, for a photoshoot John needs to do Sunday. Spent $60, and got a sombrero, too, that Al says he needs for Cinco de Mayo. I got a CTA card, & also found out that the State St subway is not running down to Roosevelt, where I need to go tomorrow a.m. The sombrero made my bag of costumes so big that I came back to the room to get rid of it, and I have just spent a good 45 mins planning alternate routes ... and trying to edit pictures with iPhoto ...

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