Wednesday, December 13, 2006


As my good friend Lea spells it (her family always gets a mondo box). Last night was (among other kinds) Martha's Apricot Windows, a bar cookie with a buttery cornmeal crust, and apricot jam filling - you spread some of the crust in the bottom of the pan, bake it, spread on the jam, and then pipe the remaining dough over the top in a lattice. The dough is really too stiff for a pastry bag, and I usually hurt my hand, and the pastry bag ... so last night I decided to use the trusty cookie gun to do the latticing. Well, they came out as pretty wide open windows, but it sure was easy ... (pictures to follow)

I also made Richard Sax's Raspberry Almond Bars, a delicious cookie that I think is absolutely foolproof -

Two more nights to go - tonight and tomorrow - tonight's intentions are 2 kinds of biscotti, roll & bake the Moravian ginger thins, the coconut cookies (From Simple Food; another recipe Martha does not design to ut on the Web) I did not get to last night, and 2 doughs ... it's a big we'll see. Tomorrow's sposed to be the more confection-like stuff, hazelnut truffle bars, mint ganache brownies, and like that. I'd also like to walk to the library, and make mac & cheese.

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