Thursday, December 14, 2006

Last cookie kind

I am about to take the last tray of the last cookie kind out of the oven - it ended up being the Sambucca crinkles - I'll have to get the recipe later, epicurious site is not connecting right now ... So tonight's kinds were, as I was planning, the hazelnut truffles, mint ganache brownies, little lemon sandwiches and the crinkles.

I actually did everything on the list except the Moravian ginger thins, and peppermint bark (a kind of a brittle with white chocolate and smashed candy canes, that I was going to try for the first time this year ...). I was thinking about skipping a kind or two - the shelf in the vestibule is packed - pictures of that to come, too - and the weather here is being very un-cooperative for cookie storage, 50 degrees in the daytime, it's still 41 now at a little after 11:00 pm., yay global warming - but I operated on the "who will miss it, will anyone notice" theory of selecting kinds to skip - like I thought about not doing the hazelnut-almond biscotti last night, but John might miss them, and I thought about ditching the crinkles, but Lea might notice.

I have precedent for not making the Moravian ginger thins, they're a fragile thin cookie that doesn't ship very well, another that my dad was fond of - he liked canned fruit and a crispy cookie for dessert on week nights - and since he died I have not made them every year. And I fool people - I make the thins for Thanksgiving sometimes in the shape of turkeys. And - the final and best rationalization - I when I make the ginger thins for xmas, I usually make them as 5 and 6-pointed stars, so I froze the dough for Hannukah, next week.

So I can't decide if I feel accomplished or sad - my back hurts, and I did have a brief wave of accomplished feeling standing at the sink washing dishes, but even more so I am worried about storage temperature, and will anyone show for the party on Sunday, and will I get all the boxes packed and shipped ?...

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