Monday, December 11, 2006

Cookie production continues

Last night as I was shutting down the cookie factory at about 11:30, I realized that I had neither read the Sunday papers, nor folded the mountain of laundry in the basement. But, "It's OK", I thought, "I"ll fold laundry in the morning and take the NYT to read at work." I did get the launry folded, and even got to work by 9:10, but I brought my camera to add pix to the blog, so no room for NYT in my bag ...

Anyways, I made a bunch of cookies this weekend, and also started giving some away - I went to cut a Christmas tree at a some friends' land, and even though there was no snow, it was great fun, kids & dogs, and trees and hot cider w/Jim Beam, and I took them a platter of cookies - Westres platter (pronounced "we's trees", not west rez, as I originally thought, confusingly, because it's not an Indian reservation ...)

And giving cookies away means arranging them on platters, which is realy where the fun is - the cookies are just the raw materials for pretty arrangements - I always hope that the people I send cookies to, in zip lock bags in boxes with lots of padding - unpack all the cookies and arrange them prettily on plates & platters & in baskets.

Last night I made the kinds that need to be rolled in sugar, Rose's Crescents, that get cimmy sugar, and the Mexican Wedding Cookies, or Russian Teacakes, or whatever you call them - that get powdered sugar. My Dad loved these, and also John really liked them when he was small, I think because they were the messiest.

And it seems that my dearest (and onliest) niece might still have her great love of plain sugar, because her Dad reports she was kind of interested in an email about these sugar-on-sugar (white on white) cookies, so maybe she'll like the picture, too.

And personally, I liked the color of this squash I cooked last night better than the cookies, roasted with sage for quiche filling, and to keep it from rotting on the counter ...

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