Friday, December 08, 2006

Cookie production

I was determined to make 4 kinds of cookies last night - after all, I had managed to do 2 on Wednesday, and I didn't even get home until almost 8:00 p.m. (Wednesday's were easy slice & bakes, and I had made the dough in advance, the brown sugar, crystallized ginger slices, gember koekjes, that were such a favorite of my mom, and a new cranberry-pistachio from Gourmet)

I almost did it - I made chocolate and vanilla spritz cookies, with an m&m in the middle of each one, using the old Mirro aluminium trigger action cookie press, that is still in its original box, with the corners scotch-taped together by my mom, and I made a new cookie, that sounded good, white on white - printed in the Splendid Table newsletter that I get, Christmas Vanilla Sugar Cookies, excerpted from At Home with Magnolia, by Allysa Torey. They sounded appealing to me, at first - a basic sugar cookie, then you brush it with a glaze made of cream & powdered sugar, then you sprinkle it with ... sugar, the big crystal decorating kind. I think maybe after they set for awhile they will get more interesting tasting, but today they taste pretty much like, well, ... sugar. I also think maybe I rolled them too thin.

I meant to make Mark's rolled ginger cookies, but they were the 4th kind I just did not get to. I made a big batch of lemon curd, though, for filling the little lemon sandwich cookies, that I started making in 2003, and keep way better than the recipe says they should.

I make them sort of oval, egg shaped - I have a little cutter - these I believe were made with the round end of a large tip for a pastry bag - and I don't coat them with powdered sugar.

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