Friday, August 25, 2006

Rainy start to the day

I decided that one of the things that been putting me in such a bad mood this summer is that I just have not spent enough time outside doing nothing. My kids are too old - and they're not playing soccer anymore - for me to sit in a lawn chair on the side of a scoccer field like I used to do, and I have not done enough biking or camping or reading on the back deck. So I took the day off to go for a long (long for me, not my bro) bike ride - take a bike path to the next town over, about 17 miles, get a root beer float, come back.

But it's raining, so we're waiting for it to stop.

While waiting, I've been playing with my new camera some, and I am getting some shots that are getting to be what I want - that shallow depth of field for food phtography, but better than point & shoot digital, that is soooo flat, where you do see the main thing nice and sharp, and but there's some blurry stuff in the background - like this:

And now I guess we have let the weather gods decree that today is NOT a good day for a bike ride
(unless you are my bro who lives in Seattle, and is used to getting rained on) so today will be a lazy day of errands and playing with camera more. And bike ride tomorrow.

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